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I personally know Dr. Alexander Taiyo Scheuwimmer from a investment fund project in 2013. He is an attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwalt) in Vienna, Austria. His locations of experience were banking and finance law back then. He also does real estate and österreich . For over 13 years, because 2003, he aids Japanese customers with their business enterprise in Austria and European consumers with their enterprise in Japan.

Dr. Scheuwimmer, or Taiyo-san as his Japanese clients like to get in touch with him japan, helped establish more than 200 businesses in Europe. He obtains business licenses, visas and also other residence titles and opens bank accounts. His customers consist of Honda, NEC, Infosec, Odaiba, Rakuten and Rapid Retail. He was elected "Leading Banking Lawyer in the Year" for Austria in 2016 by ACQ and "Banking & Fiance Lawyer of the Year" for Japan at the Legal Awards 2015 and 2016. He now works under TAIYO Legal but appears to be counsel to DLA Piper too.
Visit :lawyer

Post by pianodead1 (2016-07-20 00:59)

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